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One common task on Azure is to migrate a Blob from one storage account to another.

Copy the blob

The Azure Storage Service exposes the ability to move a blob from one storage account to another. To do this, we have to perform the following steps:

  1. Determine the source storage account information
  2. Determine the destination storage account information
  3. Ensure that the destination container exists in the destination storage account
  4. Perform the blob copy

NOTE: Copying blobs between storage accounts in different regions can take up to one hour or more depending on the size of the blob.

Once the blob is finished copying, the status of the blob copy will be “Success”. For a more comprehensive copy VHD example, see “Azure Virtual Machine: Copy VHDs Between Storage Accounts.”

Blob copy using AzCopy

Another option is to use the AzCopy utility (download here). Here is the equivalent blob copy between storage accounts:

AzCopy /sourcekey:key1 /destkey:key2 abc.txt

For more details on how to use AzCopy for different scenarios, check out “Getting Started with the AzCopy Command-Line Utility

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